Last year I went to volunteer in Ghana at Lady Volta where local women come to create; batiking gorgeous fabric, sewing beautiful items with this same batik fabric and creating jewelry using local beads.

Before I left I looked around Montreal for people who would be interested in selling some of this work. One place I went, another fair trade store in town said that I would need to send in photos and they would send them to the head office to be assesed, and on and on. I was a bit overwhelmed by this and continued my search.

Someone told me to check out Pure Art. It was just before Christmas and I was really taken by all the beautiful products from all over the world … actually ended up buying several Christmas presents! The lovely young lady looking after the store said I should send Brigitte an email.

I did … her response was so encouraging. She would love to see what I brought back…


And so upon my return I went in with a sample of the Lady Volta product I had brought back to show Brigitte. It still brings tears to my eyes … her wonderful enthusiasm and excitement as she pored over the pieces. She saw what I saw… wonderful handmade items made by women who poured all their energy into their work and who were so proud to make 60 cents an hour !

I was astonished and delighted when she said she would take everything … and she wanted to be the distributor for Lady Volta for this area! Wow!


She went on to tell me about how the money made from the Lady Volta items would be going to a new project called STOP – (Screening Tanzanians Offering Prevention) This special program based in the Kilimanjaro Region of Tanzania focuses on improving the lives of women and their communities through the early detection of cervical cancer. Dr. Chris Booth and Karen Yeates at Kingston General Hospital work with colleagues to provide primary medical care and screening programs aimed at prevention and saving lives in this impoverished country. If you would like to help visit the Pure Art Foundation website at 100% of your donations will help support this important women’s initiative. Support STOP through Pure Art and witness change.

It felt so right … women helping women helping women helping women ….

Pure Art is not just a store … it is a happening! You go in there and actually feel good that you are shopping. When you purchase a Pure Art item, a collaboration in Pure Art Foundation initiatives is set in motion to help relieve poverty around the world, providing education, water, health care and housing as well as the new initiative, Stop.

I am so honoured to have my Dollies showing off funkyFrog necklaces in amongst all the handiwork done by people all over the world.

Check out their website for more information