These necklaces were commissioned by Dan. He asked for a necklace for mom and daughter for a special occasion. Dan wanted a necklace for a 6 year old that could ‘grow’ with her. The necklace has a few childish beads that can be removed as Elizabeth out grows ‘childish’ things and becomes a young lady! And for Mom he wanted a necklace that could be a real dramatic statement when worn as two strands or something simpler when only one strand is worn as a choker. And since Louise loves to wear earrings he asked for some to match the necklace. Contact us if you have a special request. We would be delighted to work with you.

Dan was delighed with this present for the two special ladies in his life, Louise and Elizabeth! You, too, can commission a necklace for someone special. We have done a necklace in different shades of blue because it was the favorite color of the person to whom the necklace was destined to go to. We can vary the length, color and size of beads. Email us your request and we will be delighted to work with you.