Silvia wears the clothes she sells and makes them look so good and …  desirable!  Combine this with her transparency; shopping in her store, Bodywares, is always a treat. Silvia doesn’t simper or flatter you.. she has a lovely matter-of-factness that is refreshing in the retail world!

The Funky Frog necklaces I wore into the shop always went so well with the clothes I tried on. One day she asked me about my necklace and the story of Funky Frog came pouring out! She fell in love with a Fiesta necklace and has been Funky Frog’s champion ever since… so much so this whole line is name for her: Silvia’s Fiesta Necklaces!

Silvia loves to dress up. She says she has had to work hard on the notion of wearing ‘Sunday’s best only on Sunday and only for the special outing.’ She says everyday is special and she dresses accordingly! She describes her clothes as beautiful but comfortable. Movement is easy in the styles she loves. Natural, organic fibres in rich earthy colour tones are the fabrics she prefers. And this necklace with its colourful and myriad beads compliments Silvia’s look. She always has a couple of these necklaces on display at her shop:

Boutique Sisi
361 Victoria Ave (under the pink awning)
Westmount, Quebec
(514) 482-4702

Drop in! Silvia will greet you with her beautiful smile … and chances are she will be wearing her namesake necklace!

Each Silvia necklace is quite unique as the beads are all handmade. This one has several clay spindle beads from Mali, several lost wax brass beads from Ghana, a batik bone Bead from Kenya, a red tomato trade bead, several other old trade beads and several recycled glass beads from Ghana. The necklace is 18” long and strung with waxed linen cord. The closure is a loop of macrame knots with a brass button-like bead with tassels. There are 4 tassels of Christmas beads throughout the necklace. You can see this necklace in the Workshop.