Everytime I disembark into the heat and chaos that is Ghana it is always such a pleasure to see Dela’s smiling, familiar face! I met Dela the first time I went volunteering in Ghana 8 years ago. He was our guide to the waterfalls and the monkey sanctuary. Over the years I have come to rely on him as a guide but also as a good friend.


Together we have explored every market we can think of that might have beads. He has tirelessly researched and found small factories for me to visit. And he always paves the way as Dela is a true ambassador. His dream is to see his company Dreamland Expeditions flourish. Dela is a guide who truly loves his country and loves to show it off to visitors. Sadly, however, the situation in Ghana (ie needing a visitor’s visa) make tourism hard to take off.


The heat in Ghana during Frebruary makes it truly hard to think for wimpy visitors. Where I throw up my hands in dismay, Dela calmly sets about adding up the beads and sorting out the prices..  He is a really Funky Frog partner and I wouldn’t have been able to do the beadhunts without him.





He parceled up all the boxes of heavy beads and worked with the Customs officer and Post Office clerks with a constant genuine smile. Working with anyone official in Ghana is full of pitfalls but Dela circumnavigated it all gracefully and calmly.

Dela always says ‘Everything is possible in Ghana.’  He has made it possible for me to bring home over 900 lbs of amazing African Beads. Thank you, Dela.