Walking down the street one beautiful spring day a magazine article displaying the most breathtaking necklaces  caught my eye in the windows of Woven Garden on Sherbrooke Street. To top it off there with several beautiful African Trade Bead necklaces displayed beside the image. I was totally intrigued.  I immediately went in to chat and find out the story.


Ralph Lauren used African Beads as part of the models’ outfits which were a study of Mexico. And, wow, the beads did their job! Adding glorious colour and texture…  This immediately prompted me to rush home and create my very own ‘Ralph’ necklaces . I made some with the contemporary recycled glass beads with a few black bohemian beads to add depth. The others I made were with the Old TradeBeads and they truly looked sumptuous.

Then we had the idea to do our very own photo shoot with our own glorious Funky Frog It Girl, Andréa Pepin. The cameras just love her velvety skin and large beautiful eyes. The combination of the beautiful African Beads and Andréa was a joy to behold.  We had a wonderful ‘shoot’….. (…with someone sleeping on the job!)









Beautiful irrepressible Andréa show off glorious African Beads… what a lovely combo!