Funky Frog Flies out to Ghana

Funky Frog Flies out to Ghana!!

First full and satisfying day in Ghana! We arrived last night … only an hour late to a nice surprise : Dela (of Dreamland Expeditions) picked us up in his ‘new’ car!! Wow! What luxury to jump into a car and go off right away….. It goes to show you that it is a good idea to let life work out your problems :) (Hiring a car had been something i had been worrying over for ages and presto! This was all taken out of my hands …)

We arrived at Knust Guest House which is a nice unpretentious but comfy hotel and got settled in. Then with the new luxury of a car we were able to zip out for a beer in Osu at a little outdoors bar off Oxford St. …. mmm! It was nice to have an ice cold beer with the balmy air brushing against your face and your toes wiggling in your sandles!!… Winter? What’s that?

The morning was spent getting our phones set up so we can Communicate with the World… Hello, World!!! Houston is up and running…

Then to whet Lisa’s appetite for the world of beads we went off to the Agboblushi Martket. It is amazing how quick it is to get everywhere when a car comes to your door and you just get in. It makes me realize the hours spent walking to get a tro tro, then waiting for the tro tro to fill up and then finally meander off in what i think now was a circuitous route to the market! This time we breezed through the neighbourhoods and were there in no time!

Aah! It was wonderful to be in the market again … and looking at the beads was heaven. A couple new traders and then old ones that were happy to see me! It is so nice they know me and know that i will be back and will eventually buy beads from them so all the pressure eases off.

Traders at the Agboblushi Market

Lisa takes a pic of me and Dela with the Traders at Agboblushi Market!


Agboblushie Market

Beads!! Lots of Beads!!!


Agboblushie Market

.. and more Beads

I actually bought my first batch … some gorgeous cow horn beads, a strand of brown chevron beads, some beautiful blue old sandcast beads and some wonderful Mali Clay beads that will be great as pendants … all in all a lovely stash for the first visit!!

Lisa also had her hand at bargaining for some lovely old Trade Beads … with Dela there to guide her she had lots of fun …

Agboblushi Market

Lisa enjoying her first taste of beads at a Market!

We were chased out by a storm threatening!! It was great to see the clouds rushing in and feel the threat of rain … We all dashed to get out of its way!

Agboblushie Market

Come on, Lisa … the storm is coming we gotta go!! (Lisa is not listening … wonder why???)


Agboblushie Market

Hustling to get out of the storm…


Agboblushie Market

…ooh ..


Agboblushie Market

… it looks like it is going to pour!!!!

The storm freshened the air and we ate supper outside under a big thatched roof … again sipping an ice cold beer …

All in all … i am happy to be back!! … and Lisa is fitting right in!