Funky Frog in Ghana

Funky Frog is ready to enjoy the second day in Ghana … a special day :)

Happy Birthday, Ghana!!  …. Ghana’s 59th Independence Day!

The breakfast room was dominated by a large screen tv blaring on about something or other with all kinds of people marching grimly around… soldiers, sailors, schoolkids, police …one after the other!  I was getting a bit fed up with it all when the day was saved when some schoolkids came out to dance to a band drumming up a great African beat …. phew! And during the rest of my breakfast we were entertained by a variety of African dancing … very cool.

We had decided to have a pretty low key day what with it being Sunday and a holiday… We went off for a walk around the Cultural Centre where all kinds of African artisan products are sold – mainly to tourists. So we were mobbed as usual but once they saw we were pretty savvy we all came to a kind of truce. The first time I went there they chased me and I ran.. it was pretty exhausting!! I always find it good to go here as research. I can see what astronomical price they are charging here and then after that the markets seems so cheap in comparison. It was also exciting to see all the artisan products we would be seeing up North… The day turned out to be very hot and steamy so it was quite sweaty work :) as you can see …

cultural Center, Accra

… thanks, Lisa for taking a picture of me with my new friend (he has great masks!!)


Cultural Center, Accra

Aren’t they beautiful? Apparently they are made in the North where we are going!


Cultural Center, Accra

…. I resisted but this one really wanted to come with me!


Cultural Center, Accra



Cultural Center

Lisa enjoying the Cultural Center in Accra


Cultural Center,Accra

Palo Alto (yep, he said like in Brazil!) hard at work

Next we stocked up at the bank. I mention this because I am always reminded how little actual money one handles back home. Everything is paid for either by credit or debit .. at least for me. Here everything has to be paid for in cash – even hotels or meals. So one is always juggling money …

Then we did the tourist thing and walked around Jamestown from the Lighthouse down to the beach where everyone goes to buy fish. The fishing boats and the fishermen mending their nets are a sight to behold…. Today was a holiday so there were lots of people also just out enjoying the day swimming…

Jamestown, Accra

Thanks, Lisa ! This is on the way to the little fishing village in Jamestown


Jamestown, Accra

… the dugout boats used for fishing..


Jamestown, Accra

… the fishermen mending their net and a lot of people milling around …


Jamestown, Accra

… cooling off on a very hot, steamy day!


Lighthouse in Jamestown, Accra

… you can see the Jamestown Lighthouse in the background…


Jamestown, Accra

…looking back from the dock

Then we went off to Affia Beach Hotel to sit and drink a nice cold beer with the ocean breezes cooling us off… Down a ways on the beach we could see all the hundreds of people who had sat through the Independence Day parades swarming the beach and in the water cooling off after what must have a very hot couple hours! We had an early supper of ground nut (peanut butter) soup …

Dela dropped us off so we could have a short after supper walk to settle our tummies after a very rich meal …


… saw the fireworks from outside my window!! Happy Birthday, Ghana!!!

Tomorrow we head off to Ho….