After a nice swim and Nescafé we went off as promised to the Brass Beads guys.. A little bit of background about this process will make you appreciate how incredible each bead is ….

“The ‘lost wax’ brass process is an ancient technique used for making brass beads and sculptures. In the old days gold was used but now brass is more commonly used … taps, pipes, anything brass is good. First you have to make a detailed model out of bees wax.

Lost Wax Brass Beads

… the first step in the process is making a beeswax model


Lost Wax Brass Beads

… making designs on the beeswax model with a bamboo tool


... showing of the finished model in beeswax

… showing of the finished model in beeswax

This wax mold is then hardened with ash and prepared for the kiln where recycled brass is melted and replaces the wax… which is ‘lost’ ”

– to see how it’s done in pictures (very complete and well done)  click here

This process is a part of Ghana’s heritage and for me to visit Kokofrom which is a small co-operative on the outskirts of Kumasi is to encourage the artisans to continue with their beautiful craft. This time i was going to give them a ‘good’ order … For one thing i have found people enjoy pendants so i am getting them to make a variety for Funky Frog. Also Brigitte, of Pure Art, says people enjoy hearts so i have encouraged them to make me a variety of hearts to take home. Also I usually buy brass beads at the market but this time i am buying directly from these hard working artisans so they will bypass the middle man … Banor, who helps the men price their goods and took my order, is young and full of energy and passion.

Lost Wax brass beads

… working on the order with Bannor and the rest of the Artisans keeping a sharp eye on things!!


... happy that i am encouraging such amazing artisans!

Dela caught my total joy at being able to be part of encouraging such amazing artisans…



Lisa choosing her pieces with lots of help!!



Lisa deep in conversation with one of the Artisans

Lost Wax Brass Beads

… the bicycle is coming home for the Curios and Basket page!!! Also some of the wonderful pots with intricate lids…

After our visit we went off back to the hotel and prepared for the next leg of our day. Our visit to Kumasi’s Central Market (also known as the Kejetia Market) which is suppose to be the largest market in West Africa…… A couple of the Bead Traders who have shops here are amongst my favourites. Sadly, another fire swept through this area of the market and the Bead Traders lost everything. So it was pretty amazing to come and see everything all rebuilt and up and running minus a couple of stores. We decided to leave the car at the hotel and we took Lisa off for her first tro tro ride. (I will add pictures later as Lisa has them on her camera!)

Another moment of pure bliss for Lisa and I poring over the beads!!!….

Kejetia Market, Kumasi, Ghana

… a small overview of part of the market


Kejetia Market, Kumas

… snapshots of Kejetia Marktet

And then we did a redo of the night before … a luxurious cool swim followed by a cold beer and supper!!

We saw the crescent moon tonight … the first time she has shown herself to us here :)