Day 20

We had an early breakfast and left Kumasi as [promptly as possible and still hit unbelievable traffic… I think the car is almost at a tipping point here… two more and everything will come to a complete standstill :)

Finally we were out of the huge sprawling city. I should make a comment here about Dela of Dreamland Expeditions incredible driving. Driving here in Ghana you need to be constantly alert. At home i will confess i can get on a highway and actually go to sleep for awhile at a time coming to sharply. You CANNOT do that in Ghana! Here you have to be constantly on the lookout for cattle, goats, motorcycles zipping crazily along, massive belching trucks, curves, traffic BUMPS, ruts, mudslides, more ruts, people walking down the middle of the road …. you name it …. it could turn up right in front of you. The highways are strewn with the debris of drivers that dropped the ball for a second … huge 16 wheelers trucks jacknifed in the most odd positions on the side of the road, cars smashed beyond all recognition left to rust, burst tires left behind, signs saying ’27 people killed here. Drive safely’, all kinds of gruesome evidence …. Dela with the help of his co-pilot (read Me) (who slows him down constantly) has done a truly magnificent job… :)

The trip to the Coast took us through very lush forests . It was so beautiful and such a change from the dry, dusty north which had an altogether different beauty. The villages along here were also the cleanest we have seen in Ghana… not just one but many in a row. Maybe the Blackbird Project is already in full swing here!! I was very tempted to stop and do some black bag research but the road beckoned!

Finally we were on the coast and had to endure a road from Hell to get to the Kakum National Park where we were going on the pilgrimage … when i first came to Ghana as a volunteer they took us out for a weekend to Kakum National Park for the Canopy walk, then to Han’s Cottage and then to Cape Castle … we were treating Lisa to the same journey. Finally after being thoroughly shaked and baked, us and the poor car .. (which by the way has been dubbed the Queen Mother or Queenie for short as she rules our life !!) …. we made it to the park.

Where we went on the Canopy walk… this is walkways stretched between trees at what is called the Canopy level of the forest. I always love this excursion….


Kakuum National Park

… the canopy walk





Hans' Cottage

…. part of the pilgrimage is stopping at Hans’ Cottage for a beer!!

Then we were on our way to Elmina where we would spend the night at the Bridge House Hotel. I had stayed here before with another friend, Carolynn several years ago. It was still the quaint old building i remembered but in a completely new setting sadlly… Where there had been a footbridge from where you could see the fish market with all the boats …. there is also a big metal fence behind which the construction of a whole new ugly bridge is going on … This bridge will connect Elmina to Cape Coast and will definitely change the face of this area… cars, cars and more cars … Everyone seems very please with the idea though so…



The Bridge House is just as charming as ever with is large back porch overlooking the river going out to sea with all the huge dugout boats either getting ready to go fishing or bringing back fish… I got the same room as i had before, Carolynn!! It was all renovated and looked great. Lisa had a horrible room with no windows but with a little cajoling the staff found her a room with a view as beautiful as mine… The best part of this hotel is its staff for sure!!! They were so thrilled that i had come back and wanted to make sure i would come again :)



Once again it was a lovely evening watching the sun set and the beautiful moon make her appearance….