I landed in Accra already 3 days ago … we disembarked from the plane into a brand new airport that just didn’t exist the last time i came! It all felt very modern and a bit disconcerting :) … before we would get out of the plane, get on a bus and then go into a tiny airport … times they are achanging..

Spent my first couple days acclimatizing and getting my new phone chip,etc .. we even managed to visit my favourite beads store, Suntrade Beads in Accra and an added treat i got to finally meet the owner Kati Torda… She has done a lot for African Beads!!

Beads from Suntrade Beads in Accra West Africa

And we visited Agboblushi Market in Accra and visited Bead Traders there .. it was so good to see them again and browse through the beads. I will try and post the beads later. After that we took a saunter through the Cultural Center … We saw Alexander making these beaded masks … there were tables and bowls and masks. All made of wood by artisans in the market and then finished with beading by Alexander. I thought they were very colourful and engaging…

Beaded Masks made by Alexander in the Cultural Center in Accra
Beaded Masks made by Alexander in the Cultural Center in Accra

Ghana is just finishing the Rainy Season and it is a beautiful time to be here. Hot but lovely and soft not that brain-boiling heat that comes in January. Also everything is green and lush and lots of flowers everywhere…

Flowers in Accra

On Saturday we visiting two Artisans TET and TK Beads on the way to Ho. I photographed a few of the beads i have bought from the Market in Accra and from Tet and TK Beads…. i hope to have more pics up for my Beady Clients !!!!