One of the quirks of Ghana… On the menu oats is under beverages. Me: Is Oats something drink? Lovely Young Lady: No. Me: But it is under beverages. Young Lady:Yes …. Finally i asked another fellow resident: Are you eating Oats? And he replied he was … I went over to inspect his bowl and sure enough it was Oatmeal!!! So i had oatmeal for breakfast … it was great!!

Then we set off with the first stop to the bank. Immediately my card was refused and i was ushered in to see a Bank Person … He came out with me, went through the process with him and again my card was refused. And He informed me it was My bank. So i went back in to phone about my card… tanother Bank Person tried to kick me out for making a phone call … nothing doing … i sat in their nice air conditioned bank and phoned mine and was told my card was fine!!! This was suppose to be Ghana’s newest and finest bank … huh! So i went off to another older bank that i had used last time and was very triumphant when my card was accepted and i was graciously given money!! Money here is very hard to get …even with all the right cards!!! And somehow it is funny how the bigger, the fancier places here are the most useless … it is the regular more humble places that always work.

Next the Post Office … my first lot of beads were ready to send off… After some really great service – Ghana Post especially in Ho is Number 1 … We got two boxes all parcelled up and ready to go and then the shock … the postal rate in Ghana has almost tripled! This is a big blow to people like me who are trying to get these awesome Traditionally Hand Made Beads out to the wide world! Imagine not only me… this must have affected all exports being sent by Post … so I am starting to understand why the orders have diminished … the Ghana government has just made it so African beads … all African imports will be at least doubled in price in foreign markets … The African Beads are gorgeous but they already have a very small niche …. I am busy adjusting how much i can actually spend on the beads and baskets now that the cost of getting them home is so prohibitive…

My next stop is Lady Volta to make sure my projects are moving along. The head Batiker is there today and i am able to talk to her about the various project … some little girl dresses that will be made from soft cotton i brought (we used reams of white cotton at my amazing son’s wedding and what a great way to recycle it!) … new fabric bags for Funky Frog … some batik grocery bags and zippered pouches … all in the beautiful batik Lady Volta makes and made by the wonderful Seamstresses there! Stay tuned and i will show you the results!

Then we went off to get my new dress that Martina has made me … i will try and get a photo of me in it for you! .. She is at the market – it is market day in Ho! Great chance for me to take a walk around with her … the markets in Ghana are just the best.

And then back to Martina’s … She has taken in three young students and she is teaching them sewing. It is an amazing skill to have here in Ghana. These young ladies for various reasons have very little resources and Martina is teaching them for free. She showed me a bag that i think will be an awesome Yoga Bag that her students are making … i ordered ten and hope to sell them for her at home…And i am getting her to make some of the grocery bags and zippered pouches … Hopefully this will help the young ladies.. and Martina – she has 3 young boys all in school …

Then we hit the road … tonight i am staying at Aylos Bay Hotel … first time i have stayed here. We usually stop for a drink on our way but i am so glad i am staying here. I have a room right on the river with a tiny balcony. Dela and i had a beer and supper on a patio that juts out onto the river …. my sixth fried rice with vegetable and fried egg …. (i have been here 6 days) …. but it is always quite delicious even though i might start clucking any minute!!

There are some flowers below the balcony that smell delicious … tomorrow i will get pictures of these scented beauties but for now it is good night!! I know iwill sleep well … i am being serenaded by some frogs …. Funky Frog loves frogs :)