We left Tamale this morning … ok i’d forgotten this city when i said Kumasi was King of Chaos… Tamale … i don’t know could surpass it … From donkey pulled carts, bicycles, scooters, motorbikes, little TroTros (they are new and remind me of the 3 wheeled carts in Peru) and of course the car … all jostling for their space on the road .. No photo would do it justice but … On your mark .. get set… Go!!!

Tamale, Ghana

Tamale, Ghana

5 hours later we are in Bolgatanga!!! Yeah!! We made it … Bertie and Dela came through! 15 hours of driving over 3 days through roads full of potholes, giganormous speedbumps, police barriers and heat … we pulled into Bolga before noon… High five, Dela+Bertie!!

Bolga, Ghana

the Incredible Dela and Bertie Baby!!

Bolgatanga, Ghana

me + Bertie … i partook believe me.. Dela, slow down! Dela, speed bump! Dela, big curve … He appreciated it (not)

We went straight out after checking in to my hotel … Comme ci Comme ca!!! … and went off to Baba Tree and had one of the best afternoons ever at Baba Tree …. i will tell you all about it tomorrow … for now i need a nice cold beer on this sultry, hot evening! (oops, sorry all you frozen Montrealers!)