On my way back to Accra I met a really nice young man, Julius and we gave him a ride from Ho to Accra. On the way he said when he was living in Togo, someone told him a joke… I’m switching Togo to Ghana to tell it!!

“ How can you tell a drunk driver in Ghana? ……He is the one who is driving straight!”

We all roared with laughter …. it is kind of an in joke as you had to have driven in Ghana to appreciate it. There are so many potholes that all the cars are weaving along the road ‘like drunks’ …. Literally going from one side to the other avoiding the car eating holes… So it can be quite hair raising if there is a car coming from the opposite direction weaving its way along as you are weaving your way along at full throttle towards him!! … i would always hold my breath and let it out again once the near miss was over!!! So far from being drunk this weaving car is being driven by some one very wide awake!! And the drunk driver is the one who wouldn’t veer around the holes but would go right through them probably smashing up his car and himself as he went….he would be the driver driving straight!

Well this is all i could think about in the taxi on my way home from the Trudeau Airport … ‘Boy, this taxi driver must be very drunk as he is driving so straight!!! Amazing everyone is! They are all staying in their lanes as well!! Wow! So amazing… ‘

Of course by the time i got home i was adjusted back to the ‘way’ of here!! But it is funny that this is what struck me most coming home from my adventures in Ghana!

Bertie, the car and Dela, the driver brought me through safe and sound. Thank you, Dela!!!!…..