Do you have a question?

Please don’t hesitate to contact Funky Frog if you have a question. It would be a pleasure to answer if i can!!

Where do the beads come from??

African Beads come from all over Africa. From Mali, Kenya, Tanzania, Morroco, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Ghana, Togo just to name a few. Whenever possible the country of origin will be in the description. Ghana is known for its Bead Markets where Traders from all over come to sell their wares.

What are the beads made of?

African Beads are made of recycled glass, recycled metal, ceramic, bone, glass, copal, resin, wood, shell, coconut shell, vinyl, clay, seeds, bauxite … even rocks! In other words African Beads can be made of practically anything! Depending on the African culture and times, beads have been used as a cultural rituals or even designated a status. Beads have even been used as a form of money to exchange with other products. Beads are made of natural elements found in the environment.

Are animals killed to make Bone Beads?

No animals are killed to make beads. The bone is a bi product of the food industry. In Africa everything finds another purpose.

Why are the colours, size and shape different between beads on a strand?

African Beads are handmade using the old methods which is why beads often vary in size, colour and shape in a strand. Some beads can be re ordered from the Bead Artisan but again the size, colour and shape of the beads can vary from the original order.

Why is  my bead chipped/scratched/worn?

Some of the African Beads like the old Trade Beads are very old and have change hands and maybe continents many times so their age will show in various ways like chips, scratches etc.

Can beads be re ordered if the bead is out of stock on the site?

Some beads like the Recycled Glass Beads and Lost Wax Brass Beads can definitely be re ordered from the Bead Artisan or Trader. So if there is a bead out of stock that you would be interested in please contact us and we will do our best to fulfill your wish. Some unusual beads are harder to find and might be irreplacable.

Why is the beads i received seem to be not the same colour as on the site?

Some colours like for example white are very hard to photograph. We really try to present the best likeness possible. Sometimes we will add a description of the colour to help you visualize the beads.

Why is postage so expensive??

Yes postage is expensive!! It is what it is … This is why Funky Frog has a set postage rate. If by chance the postage needed is less than what you paid we will send you a reimbursement. However this is extremely rare. It is more often the case that Funky Frog needs to top off the postage which we do happily. For Canadian orders over $150 postage is free. This is a way to give you a percentage off for the larger order. We use recycled boxes and packaging as much as possible to reduce waste and cost.

Is Funky Frog Fairtrade?

Funky Frog deals directly with the Beads Artisans and Bead Traders on the ground in Ghana. We negotiate the price between us so in that sense the Beads Artisan and Trader gets what they consider a fair price. Funky Frog has been trading in Ghana for over 15 yrs so has developed friendships there. This business is a labour of love with no profit except that it pays for itself which is wonderful!

Who works at Funky Frog?

3 of us work at Funky Frog. Well, actually I am the only one who works… the other two, Billy and Charly are emotional support which is very necessary. Billy and Charly, very charming brothers are cats who love to loll around on the work table in or on the beads.

Who made your fabulous Website?

Travis of  Flightdeck Media is the genius behind the scenes. If you need a site you will not find a more patient and careful Web Developer than Travis. He followed through and created exactly what i was looking for. is so grateful to him and his amazing team.