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    Bodom Necklace

    Gorgeous Funky Frog Necklace featuring three Red Bodoms and Mali Brass Coin Beads. The Bodoms are contemprary and handmade in Ghana using old material creating a new Bodom that looks like an old Bodom. Bodoms are favoured beads in Ghana representing wealth and stature. This necklace is a real statement! The necklace is strung on beading wire 17.5" long with a copper hook closure. At Boutique Sisi in Westmount on Victoria Ave under the pink awning!!!
  • Funky Frog's original necklace! Way back at the beginning there was a trip to Mexico with Ruth Shiner where we learnt to make these wonderful bead soup necklaces with tassles ... i totally fell in love with the design as it works so well with my beloved African Beads. Then wonderful Silvia of Boutique Sisi bought one and starting wearing the necklace in her store .... many, many necklaces later i renamed this necklace after her as she really kept the necklace alive. Every necklace is one of a kind because they are made of one of a kind African Trade Beads with a few Lost Wax Brass Beads and the every present rich red Tomato bead... This necklace is strung on beadwire with a brass lobster claw closure measuring from 17" to 19" long.
  • Whimsical one of a kind Funky Frog earrings with a handmade hammered Brass Ring from S. Africa. These very light dangly earrings hangs about a 3 1/2" from the earlobe.
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    African Amber Dangle Necklace3 African Amber Dangle Necklace3
    A Funky Frog necklace with African Amber Beads and Brass Beads. The main part of the necklace are Butterscotch African Amber and Red Tube African Amber with tiny brass Spacer Beads. The dangles are made with Brass beads and red African Amber beads. The beads are strung on beading wire about 17.5" long with a handcrafted brass hook closure made for Funky Frog by the Kokofrom Co-operative in Kumasi, Ghana.
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    Recycled Glass Necklace

    Blue Skies

    A Funky Frog one of a kind  "Blue Skies" necklace strung on beading wire with chain and a brass lobster closure. These Recycled Glass Beads handmade in Ghana, W. Africa are the colour of a blue sky on a sunny day! The beads are translucent and polished. On the delicate chain are blue glass dangles. The necklace can hang long or short depending on where you hook the lobster closure. Whimisical neck candy....
  • Ball + Chain with Recycled Glass Beads Dangles Ball + Chain with Recycled Glass Beads Dangles
    A  ball chain 26" long with 12 Recycled Glass Drops makes a simple delicate necklace. We have in stock a red, a navy blue and  a soft purple necklace. You can choose one of these colours online. There is also a range of other colours to choose from as seen in the strand of Recycled Glass Beads in the last image. You can choose your own colour or maybe a rainbow of all the colours ... just contact us with your preference.. A little bit of a do it yourself custom necklace!!
  • #2 This bracelet is 16 beautiful old Trade Beads strung on waxed linen cord about 71/4" long. These beads have traveled over oceans and continents to reach you. The closure is a brass button like bead made specially for Funky Frog in Kumasi, Ghana.
  • This necklace is called the Ralph Necklace because a couple years ago Ralph Lauren used multiple strands of African Recycled Glass Beads on his models in his Spring Collection ... the models looked stunning with the African Beads ... can't remember the clothes but the Beads..!!!! This necklace took its inspiration from Ralph's Beads ... You can wear them in layers or singly .. both looks wonderful complimenting a lovely summer day!  The necklace is made of all sorts of recycled glass beads: handpainted, translucent, sandcast, tubular, disk, round, large and small.... a real bead soup! Yum!!!  Each time a necklace is made a new assortment of colours is produced making each necklace unique! Photographed here are 6 different sizes .. the longest is 34 1/2 inches long strung on double wax linen cord with a brass disk beads and Christmas beads loop as a closure. If you would like the  34" long necklace  at $55 please go ahead and order. For the other sizes listed below please contact us here and let us know your preference.... we would be delighted to hear from you !!! You can also choose another size and even colour preferences and we will make your very own Ralph Necklace for you with pleasure. 4th image - 34" length necklace is $55 5th image - 30.5" length necklace is $50 6th image - 29.5" length necklace is $45 7th image - 28.5" length necklace is $40 8th image - 26" length necklace is $35 9th image - 24" length necklace is $30    
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    Mali Wedding Beads Necklace Mali Wedding Beads Necklace
    A Funky Frog fabulous necklace made with gorgeous black and white Mali Wedding Beads, several Mali Coin beads, a couple of black African Amber Beads, 2 vintage Tomato Beads and Coconut Disk Beads. This necklace looks beautiful and is so festive! This necklace is strung on beadwire with a brass lobster claw closure measuring from 19" to 20 1/2" long.


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