Fun Christmas Beads Mask Holdups!  For those who have to have the mask available at all times these Holdups do the job... they can be eye glass holders too (every Holdup will come with 2 glass holders that can be attached via the lobster closures)  and when you just want a simple necklace they can do that as well!!! 3 in 1 Funky Frog necklace ... they make great gifts!!! They are varying lengths ... the longest one is 27". If you have a specific length in mind don't hesitate to contact us. Also if you would like to make your own Holdups just  get some Christmas beads .... go to the Beads Page and put Christmas Beads in the search window and the two options will show up. You would need some waxed linen  cord and two small lobster closures ... contact me and i will throw them in.