A strand of 53 white and robin's egg blue Colodonte Beads on raffia 30" long. Each 'pigeon egg' is about 14x12 mm in size with a smooth finish. You will receive a strand similar to the one in the photo. (the strands left  have  4 robin's egg blue beads) 'Colodonte Beads (also known as “tomato”, “pigeon egg” and “hummingbird egg” beads) are a type of wound, drawn bead originally produced in Bohemia (now Czechoslovakia) during the 1900s. The modern nicknames given to these beads derive from the fact they bear a close resemblance in shape to the eggs of small wild birds. Colodonte Beads manufactured during the 19th Century typically suffer minor pitting – a tell-tale sign of their age and fascinating history.' (wikipedia)