Irregular Shaped Batik Bone Beads with Polka Dots, Stripes and Evil Eye.  There are 4 different Irregular Shaped Batik Bone Beads to choose from. They are about 23 mm. These beads are handmade so vary in size, shape and colour. You will receive a bead similar to the ones in the photo. Strands of the 40 Polka Dot Irregular Batik Bone Beads  strung on raffia as they are found in the market are available.  You will find them here. There are large Polka Dots and Small Polka Dots strands. These beads were found for Funky Frog by Hidir, a favourite Trader in the Koforidua Market. No animal was killed to make these beads. In Africa everything is put to good use including bones!