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14mm Vinyl Beads


SKU: 46v19_5

2 in stock

2 in stock

These  colourful  Vinyl Beads are strung on string and a strand is 30″ long.The ‘heishi’ beads are 14 mm.

Hunting for Vinyl Beads during the 2018 Beads Hunt proved to be a challenge. These unique thin disc (heishi) beads which are made with vulcanite, a vulcanized hard rubber and traces of vinyl (some of the older vinyl beads are made from recycled vinyl records) are a very popular item at Funky Frog and several clients had asked me to look for them. The markets have been flooded by the new Vinyl Beads in all sorts of bright vivid colours and sizes and going very cheap. The downside of the new vinyl beads are they are rougher and not as smooth and silky as the older vintage vinyl beads. It is these older Vintage Vinyl Beads that are sought after and are becoming harder and more expensive to find. Also the downside to the vintage vinyl beads is some of them are friable and break very easily especially the black.

Funky Frog brought back a mix of the two. You will see all the Vintage Vinyl Beads will be labeled Vintage. These beads are becoming quite valuable.

The new Vinyl Beads are fun, vibrant and plentiful.

Funky Frog has both.

Vinyl Beads make great Spacer Beads or as the feature beads for your jewelry.


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