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Mini G-lish Shopper Basket


SKU: b_shopper2

4 in stock

4 in stock

These gorgeous G-lish baskets are colourful  and unique …. each one completely one-of-a-kind. Your Mini G-lish basket will be the same  style depicted in the photo. These baskets are handwoven so will vary in size, shape and colour. Each and every basket is unique.. especially the small ones!!

The image of the three baskets gives you an idea of the size differential. However please note the baskets vary quite a bit as these are definitely handmade in a small quantity. In the image the Mini G-lish is 11×13″ the Shopper G-lish is 16×17″ and the Long Handled G-lish is 16×21″ to give you an idea of sizing.

Please note if you live in Montreal please contact us for curbside pickup. Or if you would like it mailed also please contact us to make arrangements as Funky Frog’s postage will not cover this.

What does the basket have to say for itself?? “As a Recycled Bolga Basket from Africa, I should mention that I’m created from ‘pure water’ plastic bags and scrap cloth. I was waste, once, but I’m rather striking, don’t you think?? I make a wonderful companion for shopping trips and, for someone special, a unique gift that keeps giving.”

We do have other G-lish Baskets in stock so if you would like more than one please contact us!

If you would like to read more about this innovative basket please read the blog …. A basket full of good things !!! A sustainable living for many basket weavers, education for their children, a way to recycle and reuse …

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