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Turtle Pendant


SKU: Pendant_turtle

4 in stock

4 in stock

This brass handmade pendant is a Turtle. If you would like Turtle 2 please email me. All of the turtles are $12. Turtle 1 and 3 are 2 1/2″ while Turtle 2 is 2 3/4″ with holes in the front feet (to have dangling beads??)

There are 4x Turtle 1, 1x Turtle 2 (with holes in feet) …there is another Turtle similar to Turtle 2 without the holes. You can see all the turtles available in last image. Please email me if you would like a turtle!!

While researching the meaning of the Turtle i came across a beautiful site, The Hope Tree.. It said this about the Turtle symbol:

Hope Tree

“When facing a diagnosis of cancer, adaptability is a skill that we must all develop. This African symbol translates as “Denkyem:” a turtle or crocodile because they live in the water, yet breathe the air, demonstrating an ability to adapt to changing circumstances.

As we are called upon to thrive in this challenging time, let us remember what the turtle teaches us: breathe, swim, rest, wait . . . Breathe, swim, rest, wait. Climb into your shell when needed to recuperate, poke your head out when you are able to and then extend all four legs to walk away when you are ready.”

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