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Wall Art/ Basket Tray


SKU: b20_wallart

The Baba Tree Basket Tag says it perfectly:

At Baba Tree Baskets we apply tremendous technical skill and quality assurance to fashioning our product. Akabore Abentara, Assibi Assah and other weavers from Bolgatanga, Ghana spend countless hours stripping and dyeing elephant grass fibers into our potential colorways that are unique on the market. Their rhythmic braiding of these fibers into our distinctive shape and designs reflect years of practice, but it is the laughter and singing of the bustling Baba Tree compound interwoven in the very folds of our baskets that make them so special. Your basket is biodegradable, resilient and of the highest standard. Even more importantly, your purchase contributes to sustainable income in Ghana and brings dignity to the priceless craftsmanship of the Fra Fra people. True value for money.  I assure you that you have not bought yourself a basket you have bought a genuine piece of art. Welcome to the Basket Renaissance.

I can vouch for Baba Tree as i have visited the compound several  times. You can read about my first visit here.  Greg, a Canadian lives in Ghana on the compound. He works tirelessly with the weavers in Bolgatanga to create a sustainable and dignified living. Fairtrade being practiced quietly and with integrity. I am so delighted to be an ambassador for Baba Tree.

Baba Tree has a myriad of Wall Hangings with delightful handwoven designs, whether it’s a wall you want to cover with many of their fair trade beauties woven by experienced hands or just one to start your collection. The Wall Hangings are also used as center pieces on beautiful tables. Funky Frog has one large Wall Art Basket which is about 26.5″ in diameter with 2 handles. The basket is about 3 1/4″ deep.   There are 5 Wall Art Baskets that have a diameter of 21 inches and about 2 1/2″ deep. Even though this basket has handles it shouldn’t be used to carry things. These baskets were bought directly from the Baba Tree in Bolgatanga, Ghana during our 2020 Beads and Baskets Hunt.

If you are interested in coming to see these baskets please contact me. I am in NDG.

These baskets are available for pick up only as postage would be expensive.

You can order directly from Baba Tree Baskets or read about them at

All money made selling these baskets goes directly back into buying more beads and baskets from Ghana.


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